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A lot of work went into this, and it shows . . . - MRR #155

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Hello! This is the Interbang Homepage for Interbang, a zine and label from Ravenna, Ohio that used to only cover punk rock, and now it covers whatever I want to cover. It's getting more and more political with every issue (which is only logical, since I do the zine, and I'm getting more and more politically involved with the passage of time).

I've just erased nearly everything having to do with this page, so check back soon, and you'll see lots of new stuff.

In September, I'll be putting out an LP for a hardcore band from Columbus called Inept. They're really powerful and have intense dual-m/f vocals.Check out this sound file of "trace" by Inept.

Interbang Fanzine #6 is out now, and it's $2 ppd. Send all orders to PO Box 671 / Ravenna OH 44266.

Interbang Fanzine #7 out on October 15, and this issue will begin regular, bi-monthly publication.

Sorry for the lack of info, but i'm trying to update this whole site.. it'll be a few days... stop back soon...



Noam Chomsky site with gobs of info and links, etc.

Write me for info or contributions. If you could distro a few copies at shows or through a mailorder, get in touch with me.

Take care!

--- Ben Interbang

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